Mobility Committee to monitor & promote sustainable solutions for Decarbonizing Shimla

A Spokesman of the State Government informed here today that the State Government has constituted a Green Mobility Committee to monitor and promote Sustainable Mobility Solutions for Decarbonizing Transport in Shimla.

 He said that Principal Secretary, Transport would be Chairman of the Committee and Managing Director, Himachal Road Transport Corporation, Director, Transport, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Shimla, C.E.O., Shimla Smart City, Engineer-in-Chief, HPPWD, Shimla, Director, Ropeways and Rapid Transit Development Corporation, Chief Engineer, H.P. State Road and other Infrastructure Development Corporation, M.D., H.P. State Electricity Board Ltd., Director, Department of Environment, Science and Technology would be Members. Secretary, STA-cum-Additional Commissioner, Transport would be the Member Secretary of the Committee.

He said that the Committee would develop a sustainable mobility plan with enhanced uptake of electric vehicles, which will support the de-carbonization of Shimla City. He said that the Committee would have the objective to help in vision setting, serve as a forum for inter-department collaboration and facilitate buy-in from stakeholders. He said that the Committee would support organizing workshops and capacity-building programs, and help in defining the action plan with timelines besides merging the existing schemes to expedite the project execution.

 He said that the Committee would meet once in every quarter. 

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