Mobile capture young pair of leopard clubs playing on the road in Shimla

A young leopard pair was captured by mobile phone early today at Malayana outskirts of Shimla town while cubs were playing un scared of car lights. 25 seconds video clips now become viral on the Facebook post.

A resident of Pari Mahal outskirt of Kasmumpti Mr D S Maddan said that the video was shoot by two person including a woman just before dawn on Sunday. He said that Video clip was shared to him by his friends and Facebook posts claimed that it was early today when the pair of young leopards were seen fighting in the video without distracted by the vehicle light.

It is worthwhile to mention here that the state Human Right Commission in an order passed on Nov 10 directed
the forest department to act under section 18 of Protection of Human Rights Act 1993 to save the
lives of kids as the two kids have been killed by the leopards.

Division bench of SHRC Comprising of Justice PS Rana and Ajay Bhandari passed an order taking suomoto
notice on the August 9, 2021  incident of killing of a five years baby by the Leopard at Kanlog at 2030 hrs on August5, 2021. SHRC order came six day after the another killing of six years boy at Downdale on Nov 4. 2021 by a Leopard.
The SHRC said that leopard in question would be captured alive immediately and will be kept in captivity
till life of leopard in question. The Bench said that if man -eater leopard in question could not be captured then it will be shot dead immediately.  
He said that DFO Urban Shimla – cum – Wildlife Warden would issue death warrant for the Leopard in question immediately.  

All the leopard residing in the Wildlife adjoining area and Human Life area would be tagged or collared within one month  for immediate action and tracing them.
Order also said that CCTV Cameras or  Camera Trap would be installed in several places adjoining areas of Wildlife
and Human Life area within one month.  Forest wire fence would  be installed adjoining entire area of Wildlife and
residential Human colony area within one month. 
 All bushes adjoining Wildlife area and Human Life area will be removed within one month. Protective buffer zone would be created adjoining Wildlife area and human residential area within one month.
Commission ordered to disbursed the entire amount to the tune of Rs.  4 lacs to Smt.  Sohdragrandmother of the victim wife of  Sommra Urav Village Baretuli Post Office Toto District Gomla Jharkhand
working with P.K.  Construction Company Khalini as a compensation for the death of minor girl Priyanka.
aged five years within one month.  

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