MLAs across party for  livestock policy

Members of Assembly across party lines sought policy for protection of cow and livestock in the state as Ramesh Dhawala( Jawalmukhi)  brought a private member resolution on the state to bring a deterrent law and policy to stop astraying of cattles in the state.
Mr Dhawala seeking census of livestock he said that people are astraying the cows after they become dry. The menace is becoming so repentant and endless. He said that the municipal committee and Gram Panchayat should also collect the garbage in isolated places so that stray animals could not feed on it. He said that the government should address the disposal of plastic waste. Crore of Milk packets are being sold in the state and plastic is littering the public places. He said that stray animals are eating the plastic and also dieing of it. Balbir Verma (Chopal) said that during the snowfall people astrayed their animal and removed their ear along with the tag attached to them ruthlessly.Asha Kumari(Dalhousie ) said that public nuisance bing created as plastic and packing wrappers are being recklessly being thrown in the public places on which astray cow and animal are feeding. She seeks imposition of fine to littre the plastic and warrpers in public places. The cows are getting tumors in their stomach due to eating plastic waste. She said that most urban, suburban and tourist places are littering. Manjeer area of Dalhousie being shortlisted to develop as a cow sanctuary. She said that Rs 1500 per animal should be given to the cow shelters. Rakesh Singh( Theog). The milk production increased by 5.6 pc in animal husbandry despite declining growth in other major sectors. The cows are not being due to negligent attitude of people but they are astraying due to economic compulsion. He said that crores of funds are being spent rehabilitating the stray cows. He said that Animal Husbandry policy should not be driven by primitive logic but it should be based upon scientific thinking.         

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