Medical and Dental faculty members: Himachal Govt modify the retirement age up to 68 yrs

The faculty members of Medical and Dental institutions who are opting encaderment policy would serve up to 68yrs vis-a-vis 60 yrs of general duty doctors, a notification issued recently mentioned.
Notification issued by the Secretary of Health of Himachal Pradesh modified the previous clauses (V&IV) of similar notification, on Dec 17, 2021, to faculty members in the department who could hold administrative positions ( Vice Principal and Principal, etc) up to 68 yrs.
The notification copy which is with us also said that after 68 yrs of age, they would be considered for re-employment on a case-to-case basis however not to be eligible to hold Administrative positions after 68 yrs.
The State Government has been modifying the superannuation age three times as it has been increased from 60 to 62 yrs with the object to post Faculty members, like Professor, Assistant Professor in new four Government Medical colleges in the state from Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla and Dr. Rajinder Prassad Government Medical College Tanda.
The modification has been made in Jun 2020 to increase the retirement age from 62 to 65 yrs which is now increased to 68 yrs.
After attaining the age of superannuation these faculty members Nearly 200 or more number in the state would be considered for re-employment however they could take their retirement dues and the admissible contractual emoluments shall be paid to them besides the pensionary benefits.  
Faculty members were posted Dr YS Parmar Government Medical College Nahan Dr RK GMC Hamirpur and Pt. JLN Govt College Chamba and Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Medical College Ner Chowk.
Former NGO leader S S Jogta demanded that instead of increasing the retirement age of faculty members the state should promote the hundreds of doctors who have completed their PGs to serve as assistant professors and Professors in the faculty members. Currently, the state has a cadre strength of General Duty Doctors 2400. 
“A month ago the state Government conducted interviews for 83 GDOs in District Hospital for which 500 MBBS doctors have applied” H)he said adding that the state would have 900 MBBS and 300 PG doctors pass out soon. 
The stagnation is causing resentment among the GDOs and resident doctors as they are becoming GDOs at the age of 45 to 50 yrs after serving in rural and periphery areas of major health institutions moreover MBBS doctors have also served rural areas to become eligible for the PGs, he added. 

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