Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur attacked Sukhu government

Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur said that it is unfortunate to compare Himachal Pradesh with Sri Lanka, the Congress party is responsible for the kind of conditions prevailing in Sri Lanka if such conditions prevail in Himachal Pradesh.

The manner in which he is repeatedly presenting the figure of loan among the public, it is completely wrong. When the BJP government was in Himachal Pradesh, this loan was about 70 thousand crores and now this loan has not even reached 75 thousand crores. And the Congress Chief Minister is repeatedly singing the tune of 95 thousand crores.

Now it has been 2 months since he became the Chief Minister, the Finance Department of the state must have kept the true report in front of him. But Congress leaders are not on one voice, one leader is saying one thing, the other is saying something else and the Chief Minister is putting all those figures together in the public. Congress is only trying to create an atmosphere. I would like to tell that the Congress government has been in power in Himachal Pradesh for 10 times and the BJP government has been in power for 5 times, so the biggest culprit in taking loans is the Congress party. .

When the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Virbhadra Singh, had a loan of 50 thousand crores in Himachal Pradesh.

Today the employees are clearly saying that the situation in Himachal Pradesh is not good, even when there was an epidemic of Kovid-19 in the time of BJP, the salary of the employees was given on time and it was not delayed even for a single day. Today the situation is opposite, we had given UGC pay scale in Himachal Pradesh in a big way, which was even before Punjab, yet it has not been implemented in Punjab, our college professors are taking advantage of it.

The Congress party is not even able to answer the salary discrepancy of 2012, now that the Congress party is in power, you will have to answer these salary discrepancies.

Now it is being heard that there is a discussion going on to close 386 educational institutions in Himachal Pradesh and a case has also been sent to the cabinet regarding that.

If the Congress party has to implement its 10 guarantees, then do resource management for it, not try to close government institutions. If OPS is to be implemented, then its formula should be brought among the public.

Congress leaders have been demanding for 4 years that we will improve the financial condition of the state, but if the kind of promises they are making, then the financial condition of Himachal will not improve for 40 years.

This government has not yet been able to release even the last installment of 50 lakhs of the MLA Area Development Fund, which is dedicated to the public on the demand of the public. This installment was to be released in January but now February has come and we have talked to the planning department, so the Congress government is not able to release this installment, the planning department has sent its file to the Chief Minister’s office, but till now the file Has not come back, we had increased this amount from 1.80 crores to 2 crores in our time and also released its 3 installments.

This government is also raising question marks regarding Atal Vardi Yojana and trying to create hurdles in Him Care Scheme which is benefiting lakhs of people, many clinics were attached with it, they have also been denotified. .

The Ayushman Bharat scheme, which is a direct central government scheme, has also been asked to slow down by the Congress government, if we talk about many works of Mandi’s Shivdham Phase 3, Mandi Airport, State University Mandi and Horticulture. Has asked to slow down.

Two cement factories are locked in Himachal, due to which Himachal Pradesh has suffered a loss of more than 150 crores, but the government has not yet been able to make such a formula that the owner of the truck operator and the factory or any coordination between the management .

This government is really a government of waiting, employees are waiting for OPS notification, women are waiting for 1500 rupees, youth are waiting for 5 lakh jobs, people are waiting for 300 units of electricity free . I feel that it should not happen that the public is waiting for his departure.

The payment of tenders has been stopped in the Public Works Department, the contractors are being asked to join the Congress party and only after that they have been asked to release their remaining payments, the same is happening in other departments.

This is creating an atmosphere of instability in Himachal Pradesh.

Congress party is refusing even on its promises, today minister Jagat Singh Negi has said that gardeners will not be able to decide the rates of their crops, but if they read their manifesto and read the letter of 10 guarantees, then one of their guarantees is also there. It is that the gardeners will decide the rate of their crops themselves, the public is watching which way the path of this government is paved and very soon the public will show the way to this government.

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