Himachal Kisan Sabha begins foot march from Sanaura to Minas

• Kisan Sabha started a padyatra from Sanaura to Rajgarh-Nauhradhar-Haripurdhar-Rohnat-Minas road

• Padayatra will pass through 26 panchayats covering a distance of 114 kms in 7 days

• Will end on March 15 in Rajgarh

Himachal Kisan Sabha, District Unit, Sirmaur started a padyatra on Thursday seeking  construction of a national highway from Sanaura to Rajgarh-Nauhardhar-Haripurdhar-Rohnat-Minas road from Jamli Panchayat of Jakando Panchayat of Shillai block.  In the week-long march, the batch of farmers would pass through 26 gram panchayats and cover a distance of 114 kms.District President of Kisan Sabha Satpal Mann told that the said road was constructed in 1962 and this road connects Himachal Pradesh with Uttarakhand.  Mann said that in the year 2016, the Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had announced that 69 roads of the state would be made National Highways, in which this road was also included.  But despite the announcement, its work could not progress further, as the contrary to take steps for its construction , it has been removed from the category of State Highway and converted into Major District Road-‘MDR’.

 Former President of Kisan Sabha Sirmaur Ramesh Verma said that Rajgarh-Nauhradhar-Haripurdhar-Rohnat-Minas road from Sanaura is very important from the point of view of tourism and employment.  With the construction of this road, the produce of horticulture, vegetables and spices crops of the entire Sirmaur district could be transported to different Markets  in less time and cost, which would benefit the lakhs of farmers.  On the other hand, the construction of the road would also open up possibilities of tourism and employment.  Due to which the migration of the youth going out of the district for employment will also stop.Retired teacher and philanthropist Hariram Shastri, who flagged off the march, said that the governments made many excuses to postpone the construction work of this road, but now its DPR has also been prepared, so its construction work should not be delayed.  He said that rising above party politics, the construction of Rajgarh-Nauhradhar-Haripurdhar-Rohnat-Minas road should be started from Sanaura which is related to public concerns.Convener of Sangharsh Samiti, Ravindra Chauhan said that an appeal has been made to join other organizations in this march.  With the construction of a national highway, possibilities would also arise for the employment of the youth, so they should actively participate in this journey. District Secretary of HKS, Rajendra Thakur said that this road meets the new highway rules and the acquisition of 24 meters of land has also been made by the state government for this road therefore construction work should started by approving the construction of this road soon.   He said that this padyatra would conclude on March 15 at Rajgarh where State President of Himachal Kisan Sabha Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar would address it. 

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