Increasing the prices of petrol, diesel & medicine anti people : AAP

Himachal Pradesh Aam Aadmi Party has taken a jibe at the BJP government for increasing the prices of petrol, diesel , medicine and bars and has called them anti-people government. It has started as soon as it is over and day by day the prices of something or the other are increasing due to which the life of the common people is badly affected and they have to fight for the bread of two weeks. In days, the price of oil has been increased five times, due to which the general public is suffering and on the other hand, due to the increase in the rate of Rs. 1900 per quintal, the people are breaking their backs, those who have kept the dream of building a house by accumulating life’s capital. It seems to be ending now. Common people who are facing inflation from all sides have become troubled. I am definitely going to show them the door out of power in the upcoming elections. Day by day the state is drowning in debt and the leaders are having fun. The party has increased the rates of medicines by 11% , in the country and the state where the government could not provide free medicines, that government has no right to remain in power and they should resign themselves before people take to the streets. Come down and the situation becomes out of control, the Aam Aadmi Party gives an ultimatum to the central government to reduce all the raised prices and as long as the central government is sitting as a mute spectator, it demands from the state government that they use their jurisdiction. Waive the tax on all the big things that have happened so that the people of the state can be given relief. The party is standing with the general public and will continue to fight in front of the government on all their issues till they are provided relief.

The Aam Aadmi Party assures the people of the state that when the people elect them to power, free treatment, medicines and tests will be provided to everyone in the state and the party will ensure that the common man can eat bread for two times in peace. Committed to the people.

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