Include the Lord’s needs in your needs

With the blessings of Nirankari Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, a Zonal Level Samagam was organized at Sanjauli Ground, Shimla, in which respected Shri H.S. Chawla Ji, Member Incharge Branch (Sant Nirankari Mandal) said that Sant Nirankari Mission is a spiritual ideology that connects humans to humans. It respects all people who believe in different ideologies. It believes in the age-old truth that the knowledge of the Supreme Father, the Almighty, can be obtained only through the visible Satguru and to become aware of this truth is also the ultimate goal of human life. It is only through the attainment of God that the establishment of global brotherhood is possible and it is also very necessary for the welfare of the entire human race and global peace and prosperity.

He further said that the Sant Nirankari Mission is teaching a lesson of humanity by spreading the knowledge of Nirankar God. All the humans living in the world are children of one supreme father, when we all get to know this, then we start loving every human being. The life and deeds of saints are their real identity. They never hurt anyone’s heart. They live with love with everyone. Therefore, it is necessary that we should only move forward on the path of humanity because this is the path that connects all of us with each other.

On this occasion, the Zonal charge of Shimla Zone, Honorable NPS Bhullar Ji, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the coordinators, Mukhi and Sadh Sangat who came from the nearby branches.

On this occasion, Mahatmas from Kinnaur, Morang, Rampur, Rohru, Jubbal, Theog etc., using Hindi, English, Punjabi and Pahari languages, gave a beautiful explanation of adopting the teachings of Satguru in life through songs and thoughts.

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