Illegal construction: Pratibha Singh’s Office Secretary Lodges complaint 

Amid the Code of conduct of Shimla Municipal Corporation illegal construction is still going without any check in the SMC as  Mrm Viraj Sharma who is Office Secretary of President of Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee Pratibha Singh today lodged a complaint with the Commissioner of SMC.

A copy of the Complaint was sent by Mr. Viraj Sharma to Commissioner Mr. Ashish Kholi complaining that a Journalist who also lives in the colony along with Complaint was indulged in illegal construction and encroachment of his parking lot at Patarkar Bihar at Khachi Ghati for some time.

Mr. Sharma was informed by SMC that said Commissioner has seized over the matter and ordered the concerned beat Junior Engineer to verify the Complaint immediately.  It is worthwhile to mention that Khachighati as it is known by its parlance for fragile geology became a den of illegal construction and especially influential people have no regard and fear of law and order. 

Two years ago a five-story building crumbled like a pack of cards on the grounds in the vicinity of illegal construction but civic authorities hardly pay any heed to the increasing menace of construction along the National Highway. An illegal temple and relentless construction came up in Patarkar Bihar however administration and SMC avoid confrontation with the culprits.

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