IGMC likely to have first bone Transplantation facility

Himachal Pradesh Government announced in the state assembly today to start the first bone transplantation facility as State Organ Transplantation Organization have been set up in the Indira Gandhi Medical College Hospital, Shimla.

Giving a reply to a debate on extension and reforming the health facilities under rule 130, Health Minister Rajiv Sehjal said that the state would start the facility of bone transplant soon for which the health department would train medical.

He said that kidney and bone transplant services would be speedily implemented in the state as the legal body State Organ Transplant Organization was already constituted in the IGMC.

The Kidney transplantation facility has started in IGMC and five people have already transplanted their kidneys under the scheme moreover first 20 recipients would get free Kidney transplantation. He said that the state government has decided to cover Kidney transplantation under the free Him care health scheme. 

He said that to strengthen health facilities, the government has made a paradigm shift in the health facilities by adopting new innovations and advanced therapies.

He said that the state was adjudged among the top state in the health sector in the country owing to the hard work of its employees of health, Health workers and Asha workers have played a significant role to improve the state health facility to the rural areas as well.

He said that five dialysis units were set up in the state. In the Medical College, the Hamirpur CT scan machine would be available within two days, and construction of the building of medical colleges would be completed soon.

Dr. Sehjal said that processes to purchase the CT scan machine at Tanda Medical College had been completed and it would be commissioned by December 19th.

In Nahan Medical College CT scan is already set up and it would be made available in Zonal Hospital Solan.

In Chamba, medical college CT scan would be set up in the month of March.

The minister informed that radiologists were not available in sufficient number and in last four years 1,600 doctor’s post were filled by the government however the sanctioned cadre number 81 posts are lying vacant in various hospital.

Sunder Lal Thakur, MLA of Kullu raised the issue of shortage of doctors in Kullu Hospital. Mohan Lal Bragta also raised the repair issue of the ultrasound machine in the hospital.

Ramesh Dhawala praised the state Government for working for the people during the Covid workers, praising the Asha and health workers.

Newly elected member Sanjay Awasthi took part in the discussion and raised the issue of spending or Rs 68 lakh from the mining funds.

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