If you are facing difficulty in becoming a mother, then you will get benefit from yogasana : Dr. Chanchal Sharma

The pleasant experience of becoming a mother is an important part of every woman’s life, but due to the changing lifestyle of today, many women either remain deprived of this happiness or lose courage due to going through very complicated paths in completing this process. Whether you talk about Indian society or Western society, people’s sensitivity increases in the case of children. Every couple is engaged in the effort to get their own biological child, so before adopting artificial methods, or before adoption, they try as much as possible to have their own child. Some people get success soon, but some people have to visit hospitals and also listen to taunts of the society, due to which their stress increases day by day.

In a conversation with Asha Ayurveda’s director and gynecologist Dr. Chanchal Sharma, she told about this topic that often people get success with the power of Ayurveda and regular yoga practice. Many such patients also come to him who had earlier undergone IVF or IUI and it failed but with Ayurvedic treatment they have been successful in conceiving naturally. In this context, he also told that yogasana does not directly affect your fertility, rather it works as a supplement to all the treatment processes. People who do yoga regularly have a higher chance of conceiving than those who are not physically very active.

Effects of regular yogasana on fertility

By doing yoga regularly, your hormones remain balanced and you remain safe from those diseases which arise due to hormonal imbalance.

Yoga practice calms your mind and maintains balance between body and mind.

Stress is also a major reason for infertility but doing yoga reduces your stress.

You can also do yoga to increase the flexibility of the body and to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

Here we will learn about such famous yogasanas which will help in getting rid of infertility.

Baddhakonasana: It is also called butterfly pose. Regular practice of this yogasana stretches your thighs, pelvic muscles, which increases the blood circulation of reproductive organs. This yoga practice is especially beneficial for women.

Paschimottanasana: This yoga also reduces your belly fat, so by practicing it regularly, you can control your weight, which can reduce the risk of infertility caused by obesity. This yogasana improves your fertility.

Balasana (child pose): You can do this yogasana before conceiving and also during pregnancy. It stretches the muscles of your hips, back and thighs and also increases blood flow in the body.

Suryanamaskar: This yoga asana is a boon for women who suffer from severe cramps during periods as it reduces cramps. Its regular practice also provides relief from labor pain and also helps in reducing the symptoms of menopause.

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