Huge crowd at eye check-up camp organized in Jhanduta, 4311 got tested and 2753 were given numbered glasses

Union Minister and MP Hamirpur, Anurag Singh Thakur has organized a 2-day free eye check-up camp for the residents of Bilaspur. On June 10, a camp was organized at Shiva Gurukul International School in Jhanduta, where residents of the area were arriving on a large scale from 8 am onwards to get their tests done. A total of 4311 people got their tests done, out of which numbered spectacles were made free of cost to 2,753 people as per their need.

Mr. Anurag Singh Thakur himself was inspecting the camp and while spending the whole time with the beneficiaries, he ensured that all are thoroughly examined and the right number of spectacles are made available to the people immediately in the camp itself. Anurag Thakur for the camp Max Hospital Noida, Max Hospital Panchsheel, M.S.M. Eye Hospital Kangra, Tanda Medical College, Jamia University, Max Hospital Gurgaon, AIIMS Bilaspur, Hamirpur Medical College, and C.M.O. A team of more than 40 ophthalmologists have been brought from Bilaspur.

A camp will be organized at Swami Vivekananda Public School, Kandraur on Sunday, June 11. All area residents can take advantage of this from 8 am. Along with spectacles, essential medicines are also being given free of cost and along with eye check-ups, OPD is also being done free of cost by the team of the Hospital-MP Mobile Health Service. Good arrangement of food has also been made for all the people coming in the camp.

In his address, Anurag Thakur said, “There is a huge shortage of ophthalmologists in the hill state of Himachal and if spectacles have to be made, then 2-3 days’ money goes into it. That’s why eye check-up camp is being organized where famous eye experts The doctor will also examine you and glasses of your eye number are also being made for you.My initiative, everyone’s eyes should be healthy in the area, through which awareness about eye health will also increase among people and without spending a single penny. You should also be examined by good doctors.

Mr. Thakur said, “On completion of 5 years of Hospital Sansad mobile service, the first huge eye check-up camps have been organized in Una, Hamirpur, and now in Bilaspur. Thousands of people from Jhandutta of Bilaspur have attended today. are also free. This has never happened before.”

Thanking Prayas Sanstha and Jhanduta Mandal, Mr. Thakur said, “I am thankful to Prayas Sanstha who organized a wonderful program. Jhanduta Mandal has also cooperated a lot in this. So far, about 10,000 people have been tested in the first two days.”.More than 6500 spectacles have been given. Those who need operation have been suggested for further course. Some spectacles are such that one number is big and one number is small. It takes some time to make these. Such glasses were also made in 2 days and given to needy people.

Hamirpur MP said, “Aspatal – Sansad Mobile Health Service is playing an important role in providing basic health facilities to the masses in Himachal Pradesh. 32 Mobile Medical Units organize free medical camps in villages, from civil hospitals The work of taking referred patients to major hospitals is also being done free of cost. Even during an epidemic like Kovid, the team of MP Mobile Health Service became frontline warriors and provided the facility of testing, vaccination, and home care”

Hamirpur Lok Sabha constituency has benefited the most from MP Hospital Mobiles Health Services. Hamirpur, Bilaspur, Una, and some areas of district Kangra benefited the most as the service was limited to these in the first 4 years. In the fifth year, it has expanded its scope.

Appreciating the work done by the hospital mobile health service during the Corona period, Mr. Thakur said, “Even during the Corona period, when there was a need for checking near the border, there was a need to save people, then the people of Prayas Sanstha came forward and helped the frontline workers.” acted as.”

Further giving information about his Asptal – Sansad Mobile Health Service, Mr. Thakur said that Asptal – Sansad Mobile Health Service is a movement to provide free primary health care in remote areas of Himachal Pradesh. He said, “This Primary Health Service which started with 3 Mobile Medical Units is today proudly serving all over Himachal Pradesh with 32 Mobile Medical Units. Each Mobile Medical Unit is equipped with an experienced team consisting of a Doctor, Nurse, Lab Technician, and MMU Pilot is there. My brothers and sisters, we started this service in May 2018, which is capable of doing 40 different types of medical tests today, including KFT, LFT, Lipid Profile, Creatinine, Uric Acid, BUN, Sugar, Glucose, etc. Apart from this free medicines are also given to the patients.”

Giving information, Mr. Thakur said that today we have reached 1600+ panchayats and 6400+ villages of 8 districts of Himachal. The total number of OPDs is more than 8 lakhs. He said, “Our mobile medical units have covered a total distance of more than 7 lakh km. Today I am proud to share with all of you that the total amount saved by people due to Asptal: more than 25 crores Our women and senior citizens are the biggest beneficiaries of this campaign. 65% of Asptal’s beneficiaries are women. The hospital has also provided new avenues of employment for women. Today 50% of its employees are women employees.

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