HPSPCB to offer auto generate consent to new industry & Project

Himachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board noe provide  auto generated renewal of consent facilities ( under Water Act, 1974 and Air Act,1981) to set up new industrial and project in the state. Spokesperson of Himachal Pradesh Pollution control Board said in a press release issued here today that simplifying the existing regulating procedure to seek its consents procedure is simplified to provide ease of doing business to entrepreneurs.  Through Online Consent Management & Monitoring System (OCMMS) portal shall be available to all the green categories industries / projects (irrespective of the scale) subject to certain conditions. All green category industrial units are eligible for the auto renewal of their consent to operate or consent to operate (expansion)/ RCTO/RCTO (expansion) with maximum validity of 15 years. About 6000 industrial units will be benefitted by this scheme in the State. The auto renewal certificate will be automatically generated by the system instantly on successful submission of the application with required documents. This module will facilitate the green category of industries to file their application through OCMMS and system will issue the RCTO with unique QR code to the industries without any intervention of the State Board officials. The units which are interested to avail the service of this mechanism shall have to apply well before the 30th April as the same is last date for the acceptance of the applications for the auto renewal mode. After this date applications will not be accepted through auto renewal mode for the current year and units have to go through the normal mode on the OCMMS portal. Despite the ease in procedure, the State Board shall not let down its guard & will keep an eye on the processes, emissions & discharge of these industrial units in order to ensure preservation of the environment. The State Board will continue to monitor or inspect, take samples of the respective units as per the policies and procedures defined and required for the control of pollution and betterment of the environment, he added

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