HPPWD reopens Chhitkul Sangala High way after three days

The Kinnaur district Administration didn’t not allowed vehicular traffic on Chhitkul Sangala High way after nine Tourist killed and three injuried after shooting boulder and stones fell down on the highway damaging a valley bridge on the bank of Basps River.
Spokesperson of district Administration told our reporter that keeping the possible threat of more rolling stones on the highway movement of comuters and Tourists was restricted following tragic death of nine Tourist on Sunday.
There are as many as 63 Tourist and number of local stranded on the both side of highway to move on vulnerable places however Public Works Department have keeping vigil on the conditions of landslides and further threat of coming down of boulders and shooting stones on the highway.
Subdivision Officer informed that vehicular traffic would be expected to allow by this evening however it is still closed since the incident. 
He said that Chhitkul  (last bordering village on Indo-Sino border) and Raksham are connected by the Sangala -Chhitkul high way was kept close by district administration since Sunday.
He said that valley ropeway would be used to ferry the local people accross the Baspa River to cross right bank after the it has collapsed as hit by boulder due to massive landslide on Sunday.
There also exist a temporary valley bridge to connect Batsari village located on the right bank  bank of river now being used temporarily by the people.
Efforts would be made to restore the damaged bridge soon to facilitate the vehicular traffic as villagers of Batsari have cut off from damaging of the Bridge with important in the condition keeping safety concern , he added.

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