HIMCOSTE signs agreement with Shoolini University for Science & Technology facility to be set up at Shogi

A concessionaire agreement signing ceremony was held between Himachal Pradesh Council for Science, Technology, and Environment (HIMCOSTE) and Shoolini University, in the presence of Prabodh Saxena, Chief Secretary to the Government of Himachal Pradesh here today.

Lalit Jain, Member Secretary, HIMCOSTE, signed the agreement on behalf of the Government of Himachal Pradesh, and Prof. Atul Khosla, Vice-Chancellor of Shoolini University, and Prof. Sunil Puri, Registrar of Shoolini University, signed the same on behalf of Shoolini University.   

Sh. Jain stated that a Centre for Science, Learning, and Creativity has been established at Shoghi, Shimla, by HIMCOSTE. The purpose of this center is to provide students with practical experience of scientific concepts that they learn through books, he said. The proposed state-of-the-art facility is set to inculcate a spirit of science and creativity among students.

He said that the partnership with Shoolini University is expected to be a game-changer and will be fruitful in the long run. The facility will provide an opportunity for students to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical settings, thereby enhancing their learning experience. This is a significant step towards promoting scientific education in the state of Himachal Pradesh and to encourage students interested in pursuing career in  science and technology.

The ceremony was attended by Satpal Dhiman, Joint Member Secretary, HIMCOSTE,  Dr. Kesari, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Vishal Anand Pro-Chancellor of Shoolini University, and Representative of HPIDB.

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