Himachal Pradesh Implements Universal Cartons for Apple Sales

In Himachal Pradesh, apples will now be sold exclusively by weight and in universal cartons. Horticulture Minister Jagat Singh Negi emphasized that apples in the mandis must be sold in universal cartons, and any violations will result in strict action.

The Himachal government has enforced this regulation to streamline the apple sales process. Minister Jagat Singh Negi reiterated that only universal cartons will be allowed for apple sales in the mandis, eliminating any dual rules during the apple season. He stressed that non-compliance with the universal carton mandate will lead to stringent government measures. This decision came after multiple discussions with gardeners, who had long demanded the use of universal cartons to avoid confusion. However, some disruptive elements in the mandis have been misleading gardeners regarding this change.

Telescopic Cartons Prohibited

The sale of apples in telescopic cartons is now prohibited. Minister Negi mentioned that while some gardeners cite leftover stock of telescopic cartons, they are permitted to use these only for packing pears, not apples. He noted that having two types of cartons during the apple season is unacceptable. Pears will also be sold by weight in the markets.

Adequate Supply of Universal Cartons

Minister Negi assured that there is no shortage of universal cartons, with good quality cartons readily available to gardeners. In low-altitude areas where the season has already started, there is an ample supply of universal cartons. The same will be available in all HPMC sales centers in high-altitude areas within a week.

Improved Road Conditions for Apple Season

Road conditions have been improved ahead of the apple season, and machinery is on standby to clear any obstructions caused by heavy rains. The government is also monitoring commission agents and loaders to prevent fraud against gardeners, urging them to stay vigilant about their payments.

This initiative marks a significant step in ensuring a uniform and transparent process for apple sales in Himachal Pradesh, benefiting both gardeners and consumers.

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