Himachal government organized International Day of Anti-Drug Prevention

In view of the side effects of drugs on society, the state government has organized the International Day of Anti-Drug Prevention from 19.06.2023 to 25.06. It has been decided to run a state-wide drug-free Himachal campaign by 2023. Today, on 19.06.2023, drug prevention oath, drama, awareness campaign, marathon, Yogasan painting, and speech competitions were organized by the Social Justice and Empowerment Department in coordination with all the district-level departments in which the district Drug prevention programs were organized in all level government and non-government institutions. In today’s anti-drug awareness campaign, the Police Department, Youth Services, and Sports Department organized programs in all government and non-government schools and training institutions, especially involving children and youth in the anti-drug campaign, to make every section of society aware. It was prepared so that this evil can be completely destroyed by society.

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