Himachal covers drowning, hornet & wasp bite deaths under diaster relief mannual

Himachal Pradesh Government decided to cover death caused due to Honey Bees, Hornet and wasp bite, drowning in water, air and land  include all three types of traffic vehicles under  Himachal Pradesh Disaster and Relief Rules. A notification issued by the Governor here today said thatdecision has approved the council of Ministers meeting on March 20, 2022. Relief of Rs four lakh per head to be provided to the dead under above diaster or mishap and Rs two lakh per person for above 60 per cent disability or injurys, Rs 59100 to 40 to 60 pc and Rs 15000 for grevious injurys and incident causing a week hospitalisation Rs 5000 for injurys and less than one week Hospitalisation. Now  12 diaster were covered National and State Diaster Relief fund including  Drought. Earthquake, Fire Damage,  Flood, Hailstorm,  Avalanches or  Glacier, Cloud bursts Pest Attack, Frost & cold ,  Tsunami and Cyclone  calamities.

Under  Himachal Pradesh Disaster and Relief Rules, 17 type of disaster and midhap including relief Vehicle accident (water, land and air all three types of traffic vehicles) Boat mishap,  Food Poisoning, Lightening,  Fall from tree or steep-rock Non-explosive burst,  Snake Bite, Land Storm,  Hit by stray / pet animal, Dog – bite, Electric Current Electrocution,  Excessive Rain, Epidemic (Epidemics), Sinking of Land ,Glacier , Honey Bees, Hornet, and Wasps Bites and Accidental Drowning are covered.

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