Himachal BJP state vice chief tender resignation

Ruling BJP state leadership seemed to be in unrest as it could not control major faction in the part and facing defeat in the local poll and bye election of Assembly and Parliamentary registered another set back  set back today as its vice President and former Rajya Sabha MP Mr Kirpal Parmar tendered resignation.
Mr Parmar who was denied ticket in recent Fatehpur byelection of Assembly and party has pitted Baldev Thakur who lost the election. Mr Parmar announced his resignation about one hours ago on his face book page.
A letter send to party president Suresh Kashyap Mr Kripal Parmar vice president of BJP of Himachal Pradesh said that he us sending resignation from the post, the party president kindly accept it. 
I would explain the detail of tendering resignation in separate letter soon, Mr Kripal Parmar said in the post addressed to Mr Suresh Kashyap.
Party sources also confirmed the move indicating major exodus in the ruling party just a day head of three days party convention convened at Peterhoff state guest house from Nov 24 to 26. 
The party is yet to held brainstorming session of state unit to explain the reason of complete route in bye election held on Oct 30 this year.
Party have to cross the Laxman Rekha or litmus test in the subsequent next year as Shimla MC Election is due in the first quarter of the year and Assembly general election in end of year.

Source in the party said that after facing defeat in the all four by-election, there is a discussion that everything is not going well in the organization.  
The BJP had fielded no-voice Baldev Thakur in his place by former party candidate Mr Kripal Parmar in the by-election to the Fatehpur assembly seat, but he lost the election. 
Mr. Kripal Parmar said that when Party did not offer him ticket at that time he did not go to the media and did not objected to the party decision. 
” For the last four years, ever since the government came to power, I have been working like a common worker. “
” Despite this, he have to face burnt and humiliation in the party.” Mr Parmar said in his first reaction given to media.

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