Himachal Assembly adjourns sine die 

 The budget session of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly adjourned sine die after holding a total of 16 sittings of the house. 

Himachal Pradesh Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania complimented the members of the Treasury and Opposition benches along with Vidhansabha Staff, State administration, Police and Security officials, and media for extending their support for the first Budget session.

He said that the house was convened on March 14 and today adjourned sine die after holding 16 sittings. 

He said that after being sworn in for the office of Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu who also holds the portfolio of finance presented the State Annual Budget for the Financial year 2023-24 on March 17. 

He said that compared to ruling members Opposition members were given more time to raise their issues and participate in Budget discussions. He said the Leader of Opposition was allowed to speak on the Budget discussion for a record time of one hour 22 minutes.

 The budget was passed on March 29, 2023.  Although 18 meetings were proposed in the session, due to Ram Navami, with the consent of both parties, the session meetings were postponed for two days on March 31 and April 01.  

In the session, important issues of public interest were discussed through questions, and suggestions were given which would have far-reaching consequences.

 During this session, total notices of 896 questions were received, and answers were provided by the government on the notices of 639 starred and 257 unstarred questions. 

The house took listed and discuss  5 issues under rule-62, one such issue under rule-63 and rule-67. Under rule 101, Two days in the session were fixed as non-official members in which three non-official resolutions were presented and two were withdrawn from the House by the members after discussion. A resolution was moved by the House to the next session. 

 A government resolution to make stringent provisions in the NDPS Act was also passed after meaningful discussion in the house, which has been sent to the center for further action. 

 Under Rule-130,  nine topics were fixed for discussion. On which the honorable members discussed meaningfully. Apart from this, 8 government bills were also introduced in the assembly and passed after discussion.

 Through special mention under rule-324, 8 subjects were raised in the assembly and members were apprised of the facts in this regard by the government.

 Including three reports of CAG, a total of 28 reports of the committees of the assembly were presented in the assembly. 

Apart from this, documents related to their respective departments were also placed on the floor of the House by the Ministers and important statements were also given. 

The speaker said that the session was highly fruitful in terms of productivity as member highlights issues of public interest in the house and the government completed the entire agenda listed for the business.

He said that the general discussion on the budget estimates lasted for four days( 19 hours and 51 minutes) in which a total of 52 members participated in the discussion, Chief Minister replied to the discussion on March 23, 2023 ” 

The speaker informed while chairing the session he tried to give more time to opposition benches as for the first time house accepted the adjournment motion under rule 67 suspending entire business as it was moved by them on March 16 to discuss the denotification of Institutions by the government.

” To create awareness about the working of the legislature  about 1200 students also witnessed the proceedings of the 16-day session, which is the basis of the strength of the parliamentary system and the youth being attracted towards a democratic system.” Speaker added.

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