Himachal among most peaceful state in the country : DGP

Director General of Himachal Pradesh Police Sanjay Kundu told a delegation of United Nations, Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) from New Delhi here today that Himachal is among peaceful state in the country.
The delegation headed by Mr. Elias Legesse Woldeyes, Security Advisor, United Nations, India and Bhutan, met the DGP Himachal Pradesh  on Thursday.
The UN delegation discussed safety and security related issues of UN officials working throughout the state. The DGP apprised members of delegation that Himachal Pradesh is the most peaceful state in the country nevertheless they need to be mindful of certain precautions, do’s and don’ts during stay in Himachal Pradesh.
It was also emphasized that precautions need to be taken relating to road accidents, natural calamities, fall from slopes and snow covered slippery paths and electrification related accidents, particularly during the winter season. 
Also in some hill stations like Shimla, where monkeys and stray dogs are wandering in large number, necessary precautions need to be taken. The DGP also issued necessary directions to the police officers about the safety and security of the UN officials in the state.
 Mr. Elias Legesse Woldeyes expressed complete satisfaction towards the steps taken by the State Police and greeted the DGP HP with gratitude for paying due attention to the issue.

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