Heatwave surpasses previous record,  Una sizzles at 39  March driest in last 18 yrs

Sweltering heatwave continued in Himachal Pradesh as the maximum temperature went up to 39 degrees Celsius in Una on the Himachal Pradesh-Punjab border district on Thursday. The Met Office said that maximum temperatures in March 2022 were unusually high this year and stations in district Kangra, Kullu, Lahaul Spiti, solan have recorded all time high temperatures in March 2022 ,surpassing previous records. Mostly dry conditions in HP during next week with no major respite from prevailing warm conditions except bit fall or steady conditions next two to three degrees. Una was warmest on Thursday(Mar 31, 2022) registered 39 degree that of 38.7 degrees of yesterday, Maximum temperature of Dharamshala  went up to 33 degree Celsius on Mar 31 and Mar 29, 2022 compared to highest temperature of  31.6 in Mar 29  2010), Similarly Tourist resort Manali was 27.5 degrees (Mar 17 and 22  ) compared to previous highest of  27 (21st March,1974) The headquarter of Lahaul Spiti recorded 17.9 degrees(Mar 30) compared to 17.5(31st March, 2018). Solan 33.2 (Mar 31) that o 33 (30th March, 2021),  Kangra 34..4 (Mar 31) 34.8(Mar 30, 2022) that of 343 (Mar 31 2017) Shimla was 25.2(Mar 31) . The Minimum temperature of Shimla was 18 degrees (Mar 17,2022 that of previous records of 16.5(Mar 22 ,2010). The Minimum temperature of Kangra also broke the previous records of 19.4(Mar 20, 2012 as it was highest 19.5 (Mar 18, 2022) In the Month of Mar this year state had only 5.4 mm rain was recorded and it was deficient by 95 pc compared to previous records of 0..5 mm (99 pc) in Mar 2004,  Last years month of Mar got cumulative rain of 41.7 mm( deficient by 62 pc).Keylong was coldest with minus 9.6 degrees on Mar 2 ,this month. The  Met Office said that heatwave condition would persist in the mid and low hills  state as the weather would  remain dry.

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