Govt working with political vendetta against the Congress dominated areas

State Congress unit lashed out at the Jai Ram Government for allegedly working with political vendetta against the people and areas which voted against the ruling Government and elected the Congress and opposition candidates in the election.
This was stated by the Member of Assembly from Shimla  Rural Mr Vikramaditya Singh while addressing a press conference here today. Mr Singh said that BJP government is working withpolitical vendetta and most recent example is people of  outer-Seeraj  of Mandi Parliamentary constituency who defeated BJP candidate in  Lok Sabha bye election.
Congress leader said that BJP organised the Renuka Fair which was inaugurated by the Chief Minister yesterday however at the same time State Government working on different yardsticksor line decided to not organised International Levi Fair at Rampur on alibi of Covid-19.
How Corona SOP could be applied in two different wayS in different places at asme time, he asked adding that BJP leader held several Political meeting attended by about 4000 to 5000during Mandi bye-poll in Rampur Assembly constituency they never bother about Covid infection.
However  after facing defeat in the Lok Sabha Government decided to not organise the Lavi International fairs, Mr Singha argued. It is clear that Chief Minister which failed to get major lead for the ruling party in byelction from the outer-Seeraj area especially Rampur subdivision was met with injusticepost election as political vendetta against the people.
It happened for the first time in the last two years when any Chief Minister unveiled a fair at one placeand decided to not hold similar events in places dominated by the Congress party , he pointed out.
Congress leader said that the party would raise this issue in the upcoming Winter Session at Dharmshala As people of Kinnuar, Rampur,Ani and outer Seeraj waiting Lavi Fairs could not be held since last two yearsdue to Covid but adminsiteration not organised the event.
He alleged that some of miscreant belonged to the ruling party tried to public malign the image of his mother or member of Parliament from Mandi Ms Pratibha Singh by releasing an unverified or authenticated audio clip just two ahead of Oct 30 voting for bye election.
The clipping was released this time as a malicious campaign to damage Pratibha Singh which rejected by the people by voting for her in the byelection. 
” The clipping was allegedly recorded four years ago by the anonymous, if the Government has guts or 
have anything against his mother why did not it come out with such alleged clipping four years ago \to probe allegations or they should have objected while Congress filled nomination paper by his mother.” Mr Vikramaditya Singhpointed out.
Mr Singh said that a similar conspiracy had also hatched against his father by the BJP releasing a audio clipping in the past and an FIR has been filed but the Session Court dismissed Mr Singh in 2012
before the Assembly elections rejecting the allegations.
Congress leader challenged the Jai Ram Thakur Government to lodged an FIR into alleged clipping which was released in election time but no one verified the claim that he recorded it and with what motive and purpose.
Member of Assembly also lashed out the bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut to pass the remarks against 
1947 independence. He said that Ms Ranaut seemed not read the history of Indian freedom movement completely as it is fact that no war fought in 1947 but since 1857 onward Indian freedom struggle culminated in 1947. 
Rejecting allegations that he is following BJP-RSS ideological positioning on the politics of Hindutva,the Young Congress leader said that ideology of Hindutva is very recent one could not compare it with the greatness of million year old faith of Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism which he follow.
” Congress would come out with a new policy for mandatory provisions of jobs to the wards of employees who died during their service on the compassionate ground after forming Govenrment in 2022.”he stated acusing the government for not delivering the justice with the protesting family members of services andalong with thousands of trainees of the Junior Basic and Junior Office Assistant who are eligible of the appointments .

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