Governor Shukla stresses working together in the green and clean energy sector

Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla gave a clarion call to work together in the green and clean energy sector to create a sustainable and prosperous future for Himachal Pradesh. He said that everyone should work together for environmental preservation.

He was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the 4th Edition of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Power Conclave, with the theme “Making Himachal Pradesh the Capital of Green and Clean Energy” organized by the CII Himachal Chapter here today.

The Governor said that Himachal was blessed with abundant natural resources, including its rivers, forests, and mountains, which provide immense potential for renewable energy generation. “We are committed to harnessing this potential and becoming a role model for the rest of the country in adopting green and clean energy solutions”, said Sh. Shukla.

He said that the transition towards green and clean energy was not just an environmental imperative but also an economic opportunity. It was crucial for sustainable development, combating climate change and ensuring energy security, he added. “Green and clean energy sources such as hydropower, solar, wind, and biomass have the potential to transform our energy landscape and create new avenues for economic growth and employment”, he said.

The Governor said that the State Government has taken several proactive measures to promote green and clean energy in the State. They have implemented favourable policies, incentives, and subsidies to attract investments in renewable energy projects. “Our efforts have resulted in significant growth in renewable energy capacity, particularly in hydropower, which has been the backbone of our energy sector”, he said and added that it required collaboration and partnerships to achieve the vision of making Himachal Pradesh the capital of green and clean energy.

“We are committed to working closely with industry leaders, experts, and other stakeholders to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and explore innovative solutions”, said Sh. Shukla and added that the CII Power Conclave provides an excellent platform for such collaboration. He hoped that all participants would actively engage and contribute in this direction. He urged the participants to utilize this platform to share ideas, discuss challenges and identify opportunities for collaboration.

Vice Chairman, CII Himachal Pradesh, Navesh Narula welcomed the Governor and detailed about environmental challenges and other related issues.

Country Head, Statekraft India Ltd. Rahul Varshney and CEO, Hartek Power Pvt. Ltd. Sanjeev Gupta also welcomed the Governor.   

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