Government of India yet to nod tribal status to transgirl area of Sirmaur

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Jai Ram Thakur today informed the house that after repeated efforts by the state government, the Union Government of India did not give a nod to declare Zonsar Babar Transgiri area of Sirmaur district scheduled tribe area.

While replying to a query raised by the Harsvardhan Chauhan (Shilai) and Vinay Kumar (Renuka) in the question hours on Thursday. Thakar said that efforts were made by the Congress and BJP governments in the past to include the backward area of Trans Girl which has a uniform culture, social and demographic situation.

He said that Congress governments have pressed this issue by writing letters to the Union of India but did not submit the documents required for this policy which have been fulfilled by his government. The Chief Minister said that once again BJP government would raise the issue with center to fulfill the promises made by the BJP completing entire formalities.

Markandeya said that Union Government did not declare the Transgirl as Schedule tribe areas and pressed on demographic surveys. He said that people of these areas did not fulfill the four distinctive traits of tribal areas therefore the Union Tribal Development Ministry is pressing time and again on the Anthropological survey.

Earlier raising this query, Harsh Varadhan Chauhan and Vinay Kumar of Congress said that before the Assembly and Lok Sabha election BJP announced to declare the Transgirl area of Sirmaur district as the tribal areas on the line of Babar Zonsar tribal area of Uttrakhand. The Minister said that a Survey of the Transgiri area has been done by the tribal department of Himachal University on 30 July 2016 and a report has been submitted.

 The state government again on Aug 30, 2016, was also sent to declare the area tribal. Minister said that tribal development ministry of the union government was putting certain conditions like a number of villages; Tehsil and Panchayat to be cover under areas and assent of the Government to declare the trangiri as tribal area.

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