G20 summit to give a fillip to CM Sukhu’s resolve of making Kangra a tourism capital

The G20 summit going to be held at Dharamshala has given Himachal a better opportunity of branding Kangra as one of the best tourist destinations. This conference will pave the way to realize Chief Minister, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu’s resolve of developing Kangra district as a ‘Tourism Capital of the State’. Being a host, the State Government is making earnest efforts to make this conference an unforgettable event.

As many as 70 delegates from G-20 Nations were to attend the conference being held on the 19th & 20th of April.  All arrangements have been made to make their stay in Himachal a memorable one. The Chief Minister has directed the district administration to ensure that all the arrangements were in place to welcome the delegates so that they could enjoy and remember the hospitality of the people of Himachal Pradesh.  

This will also give an opportunity to the delegates to have a peep into the rich old traditions, cultural heritage, cuisine, art, and handicrafts of Himachal and Kangra in particular, besides giving impetus to tourism in the State as a whole.  

Ready for the welcome, Dharamshala has been given a renewal touch with the attractive decoration of buildings on both sides of the National Highway and the State Roads.

The G-20 Nations were to discuss the latest research, technology, and innovations around the globe under the theme ‘Research and Innovation Initiative Gathering’. Hotel Radisson Blu is ready to greet guests with traditional Himachali culture. The traditional Siddu and other delicious Himachali cuisine will form a part of their palate.

The Chief Minister will honor the guests on the occasion. Various cultural programs will also be organized to showcase the rich folk culture of the state.

An exhibition based on science and technology, and handicrafts will also be set up at the conference venue. 

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