G20 conference in Dharamshala to give global branding to Himachal and its culture

The G20 conference going to be held in Dharamshala is going to be very important for Himachal which is moving fast on the path of development under the leadership of Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu.  This event will prove to give a new impetus to the global branding and economy of the state.  It is very encouraging for Himachal to get this event after India got the G20 captaincy for the first time.  In such a situation, everyone’s eyes are fixed on how the Himachal government capitalizes on this opportunity.  Therefore, the state government does not want to leave any stone unturned for the successful organization of the convention.  Successful cond of the summit will be crucial in attracting the attention of global investors.  Along with the tourism industry, there will be new possibilities for the exhibition industry and people associated with IT.  An official statement circulated this evening said at the same time, the Himachal government is trying to promote Dharamshala as a global event destination.  In this also the G20 conference will be helpful.  Apart from making all arrangements for the representatives of the G20 group in Dharamshala, arrangements have been made to introduce them to the heritage, culture, food, arts, and handicrafts of Himachal and Kangra so that they can get a new picture of the rich culture here.  Save your days in your mind and take them along.  Let us inform, in this conference to be held on April 19-20, representatives of G20 countries have come to Dharamshala to discuss science and technology.  All arrangements have been made to make his stay in Himachal a memorable one.  Himachali products will be branded in the country and the world. The himachal government has a plan to promote Himachali art and culture in a big way through the gifts given to the guests. The Chief Minister will honor the delegates with Himachali caps and shawls and Kangra paintings at the gala dinner. At the same time, they will be gifted pine needle earrings, Kinnauri flower coasters, stamps symbolizing Dev culture as well as Himachali handicraft products tweed tote bags, and jute mats.  branding of Himachali products in the country and the world. During this, various cultural dance and music programs will also be organized to show the glimpse of the rich culture of the state. A glimpse of the folk culture of Mandi, Kullu, Lahul Spiti,  Sirmaur, Kinnaur, and Chamba districts will be seen in the cultural program. Promotion of Himachali folk culture and cuisine Scientists, policymakers, and experts from different countries, who reached Dharamshala on April 18 to participate in the conference, were accorded a warm welcome at Kangra airport as per Himachali tradition.  He was also served Siddu and other Himachali dishes and drinks like Apple Tea, Kangra Tea.  Folk artists enthralled the guests with cultural presentations on Himachali folk culture at the airport.  The delegates were highly impressed by the unprecedented reception at the airport and the Himachali culture.  During this, the guests enjoyed dancing to the tunes of Himachali songs and instruments along with the folk artists.  CM will come on the 19th Technical sessions will be held during the day on April 19, while a ‘gala dinner’ will be organized by the state government for the guests at night. Chief Minister Mr. Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu will also participate in this, the gala dinner will be organized at HPCA. After participating in the yoga session on 20th April, the delegates will be on a tour of Dharamshala and nearby places. During this, he will visit the tea gardens at Nagrota in Dharamshala and will also have the experience of picking tea leaves in the garden. Apart from knowing the processing of tea at Maan Tea Factory, they will also taste different flavors of tea. After that, he will visit Kangra Art Museum. Apart from getting acquainted with Himachali art culture and crafts in the art museum, you will also be able to experience live Kangra painting

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