Future of country depends on youth of today

Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar said that the future of the country depends on the youth of today and they need to move forward keeping in mind the challenges of the future. The Governor was addressing the fourth convocation of the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Una today, as the Chief Guest through video conference.

 He said that there was a need to channelize their energy in a positive direction. Their knowledge, talent, technology that he was getting should be used in the interest of the nation and society, he added. They should do such work which was going to set an example for the society and he should get such feeling, only then the significance of the degree obtained by him would remain.

On the occasion, he said that we can’t separate the society from our life and without the society we would be empty. He said that degree holders should remember that we were entering into a new society but our youth should understand that whatever success we have achieved has also been possible with the support of the society. He said that IIT graduates have now become experts and the society was looking at him with hope.

“The degree will have a limited meaning. But, if we go out into the society then we will try to understand. The society has supported us at every step and we will not be able to face the challenges of the future alone, even at that time you will need the society”, said Arlekar.

He said that the education system of our country has taken a new direction today.  Emphasis was being laid on what was their responsibility towards the society, he added and said that how could the country develop if there was no ideal in front of our young generation. He said that National Education Policy was emphasizing on bringing new changes and we could do a lot through this education policy. He said that this education policy was going to give emphasis to “Getting myself”.  

“After a gap of about two years probably, we are having this function of Convocation presenting the graduation to our students and infect who are future makers of this country”, said Arlekar.

While congratulating the degree holders, he said that the students who have been passing through the phase have been a different experience.  Last two years we have been facing an unprecedented situation and it has engulfed the whole globe itself and through this we have come out of it and now we were facing new challenges, he added. He said that during this period we have faced certain problems and we were happy that we have come out of it.  

“As a nation we all stood together with a determination we will come over this and ultimately we have done it. Our Prime Minister who is leading this whole campaign against thepandemic has been cautious to everybody and getting each and every person involved in this campaign and that was the success of it”, he said.

He said that unless people were not involved nothing could be achieved. He said that our young generation was not only a future of our country infact they were the ‘present tense’ of the country and everything depend on them itself.

On this occasion Anurag Thakur, Union Minister of Sports, Youth Affair and Information and Broadcasting who was present as a Special Guest said that youths were the future of the country.  He urged the graduates to contribute to nation building. He said that the coming 25 years of ‘Amrit Kaal’ were important for all of us and we were all fortunate that we were going to become witnesses of this period. Today, the world was moving rapidly in the field of information technology and every field has become technology driven, he added and said that incentives like Digital India were based on this.

 “Today nearly everything and everyone have to adopt some sort of digital living. The world you have entered in this post pandemic era will be powered by technology in some form or the other” said the Minister.  

Earlier, Prof S. Selva Kumar, Director and Chairperson, Senate, IIIT Una welcomed the Governor on the occasion. He also read out the annual report of the Institute.

K. Sanjay Murthy, Chairperson, BoG of IIIT Una and Secretary, Higher Education, MoE, GoI and other members of Governing Body and various committees were also present virtually.

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