Four lane construction: Major mishap averted in NH-5 Landslide

By stopping work and traffic in time, a major mishap averted by the four lane construction company during widening of Kalka-Shimla national highways at Daidgharat near Kandaghat of Solan district as massive Landslide occurred this afternoon.
A vedio posted by the eyewitness about the mishap showed that massive hills come down on the newly widen Solan-Kandghat junction of four lane at 1630hrs on Wednesday.
Police officer confirmed that entire traffic was stopped on place of mishap few minutes ago and all machines and labour were evacuated in time did not cause loss of life in the Landslide.
The road blocked for couple of hours due to Landslide which was triggered due to construction of four lane in vertical cutting line.
Weather was mainly dry during the mishap.

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