Find a solution to dispute between Taxi Unions, CPI(M) urged the Government

Amid increasing animosity between two groups of Taxi unions and a few hospitality operators involved in ancillary activities of tourism in the town district unit of CPM urged the government and administration to intervene immediately and find a permanent solution to this dispute.  

Former Mayor of Shimla MC Sanjay Chauhan expressed serious concern over the ongoing dispute between two taxi unions in Shimla city for the last few days and demands the government

He said that an atmosphere of peace should be established in Shimla city the party also urges both the taxi unions to resolve this dispute through mutual talks and cooperate in maintaining the harmonious atmosphere of Shimla city.  

“Unpleasant incidents like this work to hurt the pride of Shimla city which is an international level tourist destination.” Party leaders said.

He said that people from different districts of the state live in the town beside this people from different states of the country come and do their work and everyone earns a livelihood peacefully.  

All live together in mutual brotherhood and are setting an example by standing with each other in times of happiness and sorrow. 

 In the development of Shimla city, every person, whether he belongs to any corner of the country or state, is contributing to the development of the city.

  History is witness that to date, never in the name of communal, caste, or regionalism, tensions have arisen in the atmosphere in Shimla city.

  For the last few days, due to the mutual dispute of some people in this taxi union, Shimla is working to spoil the mutual harmony in the city and some chaotic elements are working to spoil the mutual harmony in the city by giving this mutual dispute the form of regionalism.  Which is very condemnable.  

The administration should take strict legal action against those who are responsible for such disturbance so that the atmosphere of peace can be maintained in Shimla city and all the people can earn their employment smoothly. 

 In the future, the administration should discharge its responsibility by taking strict legal action against those who take the law into their own hands and disturb the peace.  Being lax towards such people spoils the environment and causes problems for the general public. 

CPM assures the people of Shimla city that the party will make sincere efforts to maintain mutual harmony in Shimla city.  

At the same time, it also appeals to the public to inform the police and administration about any person who tries to spoil the harmonious atmosphere of Shimla city, so that by taking legal action against these chaotic elements, an atmosphere of peace could be maintained in the city.

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