Financial Autonomy of Legislature : AIPOC adopted Dr CP Joshi Committee report

All Legislative Assemblies would get the financial autonomy as they would not need toabide the annual expenditure vetted in the state budgets as presiding officer committee under the chairmanship of Dr C P Joshi, has presented its report in the All India Presiding Officer Conference at Shimla.
The speaker of Lok Sabha Om Birla told a media person here on Thursday that  to make constitutional provisions of financial autonomy of legislatures, pending for years was passed in resolution No-9 of the AIPOC.
” During the conference Speaker of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Dr. C . P Joshi’s committee has constituted laid its report in the presiding officers conference.

The AIPOC approved the report and in view to  ensure speedy action on the subject, the conference desired that speaker of Lok Sabha and the Speaker of this Conference take initiative at their level as they would talk to the Chief Ministers of the states on this issue to reach out a consensus on this issue. 
The resolution would help  all the legislatures to get financial autonomy on the level of  both the Houses of Parliament, he added.
Total 11 resolutions were moved and passed in the two day conference endedon Nov 18 at Council Chamberin Himahcal Pradesh Assembly complex here. The first resolution of the AIPOC decided to organized thisconference twice in a year.
The resolutions said that one conference should be organized in Delhi and the other by any legislature. The Presiding officer Madhya Pradesh gave a suggestions in the conference that priority should be given to Madhya Pradesh (to heldsecond conference) however presiding officer of Sikkim Legislative Assembly said that a second conference was not required.
”It came to fore that even after nearly three decades, there has been no significant progress in the direction of making rules for the operation of local bodies such as Panchayati Raj Institutions and local urban institutions. ” A resolution passed showed conceron in AIPOC. 
The conference recognized that these grassroots institutions of Indian democracy are in dire need of rules specifying  their functioning to discharge their mandate efficiently and in the public interest. 
For this purpose, the Conference has also proposed to develop a draft manual for the conduct of the business of local bodies. The Conference recommends to the Parliament of India, the apex body of theLegislatures of India, to take lead bringing a draft of the conduct of houses at the earliest, speaker added.

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