Financial and Social Security of Para worker’s utmost  priority of the state Government: CM Sukhu

The Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu was hailed as a beacon of hope. His commitment to the welfare of the state’s employees and para workers was evident in the transformative measures undertaken by his government.

The State Government had taken a historic decision, bringing all the employees under the Old Pension Scheme. This move ensured financial security for the hardworking employees who dedicated their lives to public service.

But the government’s vision of welfare extended beyond pensions. Recognizing the pivotal role played by para workers, the State Government decided to bestow them with the respect they deserve. Daily wagers, who toiled relentlessly to make both ends meet, were given an increase in their daily wages from Rs. 350 to Rs. 375. This seemingly modest increment provided them with an additional Rs 750 per month, easing their financial burdens.

The para workers, including the valiant Anganwari workers, who played an indispensable role during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, were not forgotten. The State Government raised their honorarium from Rs 9000 to Rs 9500 per month, acknowledging their dedication and selflessness. The Mini Anganwari Workers also witnessed an increase, from Rs 6100 to Rs 6600, while the honorarium of Anganwari Helpers grew from Rs 4700 to Rs 5200.

The pandemic had taught the world the importance of community healthcare workers, wherein the ASHA workers stood at the forefront of this battle. The State Government recognized their contributions and elevated their honorarium by Rs 500 per month. Now, the ASHA Workers received a monthly honorarium of Rs 5200, fostering their sense of value and motivation.

Silai teachers, play a crucial role in providing training to the new learners. The State Government increased their honorarium by Rs 500 per month, appreciating their dedication to shaping the future generations.

In the realm of education, the Mid-day meal workers provided nourishment to countless children in government schools. Acknowledging their tireless efforts, the State Government augmented their honorarium from Rs 3500 to Rs 4000 per month, further ensuring that their valuable service did not go unnoticed.

Meanwhile, Jal Rakshaks were also given an increase of Rs. 500 in their honorarium from Rs. 3900 to Rs. 4400 per month in the education department. This decision not only benefited these dedicated para workers but also had a ripple effect, positively impacting the lives of thousands across the state.

The State Government’s commitment to providing respectable remuneration extended to various categories of para workers. The honorarium of Water guards, Multi Purpose workers, Para Fitters, and Pump Operators was increased by Rs. 500 per month, offering them a dignified livelihood.

Moreover, the present State Government extended its benevolence to Panchayat Chowkidars, Revenue Chowkidars, SMC teachers, and Lambardars. Their honorarium witnessed a considerable enhancement, acknowledging their indispensable roles within their communities.

With these significant increases, even the outsourced workers were given minimum wages of Rs 11,250 per month, ensuring fair compensation for their invaluable contributions.

In a recent cabinet meeting, the government announced yet another stride towards empowerment. The monthly honorarium of part-time Panchayat Chowkidars was announced with an increase of Rs. 6200 to Rs. 6700, effective from April 1, 2023. This decision brought smiles to the faces of 3226 Panchayat Chowkidars across the state, as their dedication and service were recognized the government’s unwavering commitment to welfare also extended.

The state government has demonstrated its dedication to the welfare of its employees and Para workers. The government has shown that no sector will be left behind in its pursuit of brighter future through its historic decisions of increasing honorariums and enhanced benefits, said Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu.

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