Father-in-law exposes son-in-law

In a love and hate parley Congress veteran Legislator Col Dhani Ram Shandil today exposed his son-in-law or doctor turn politician Rajesh Kashyap for indulging in inauguration of already founded project by the previous Congress rule as he raised a point of order on the issue during the question hours on Monday in the Assembly. Dr. Shandil without naming his son in law said that number foundation stones which are laid in the previous Congress rules are being inaugurated which is unconstitutional and sheer wastage of public money and it should not happen. Government should not indulged in the reinventing old works for which foundation stone are already existing. Chief minister Jai Ram Thakur said that no projects are being inaugurated second times but it is fact that just before starting the work ‘bhumipoojan’ are being done in the already founded projects. He said that during previous government too several times Coconuts were also cracked but it couldn’t meant repeating of inaugurations. Taking a dig over the Political rivalry between Mr Shandil and his son in law Dr Rajesh Kashyap Chief minister said that Dr Kashyap is not only Political rivals but his son in law who is like his son should not expected to show to much animosity towards him in the house. However Mr Shandil pointed out that immersion is being created as if the foundation stone was laid first time which is constitutionally incorrect. 

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