Farmers getting a good price for tomatoes

Tomatoes from the Junga region have made a significant impact in the vegetable market, not only in Solan—the state’s largest vegetable market—but also in other states like Panipat, Chandigarh, and Delhi. The surge in tomato prices has brought smiles to farmers’ faces, as they benefit from the “red gold.” In the nine panchayats of the Junga region, crops such as Solan, tomatoes, capsicum, peas, cabbage, and French beans are cultivated. These locally grown vegetables are supplied to Solan and other markets across the country.

Notably, in Solan’s vegetable market, Himsona tomatoes were recently sold for ₹800 per crate, while hybrid tomatoes fetched prices ranging from ₹200 to ₹600 per crate. Progressive farmer Pritam Thakur expresses concern that if tomato prices remain high, it could pose challenges for farmers. Commission agents predict that as tomato arrivals increase or tomatoes from other states flood the markets, prices may eventually decline.

Tomatoes and capsicum have become vital income sources for farmers in the Junga area, following a sudden surge in tomato prices this year. Arhatiya Vinod Sharma and transporter Pradeep Bragta recall that earlier this year, tomatoes were selling at ₹300 per crate. Now, with better prices, farmers are reaping substantial profits. Additionally, favorable garlic prices have strengthened farmers’ financial positions

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