Demand raised to start science subject in Chail Koti College

 Science classes should be started in Government Degree College Koti Chail so that promising children of Kasumpti constituency can move forward to become doctors, engineers, and scientists. This issue was effectively raised by women in the meeting of Kasupanti Janwadi Mahila Samiti at Junga on Saturday. Which was presided over by State President Dr. Reena Singh. The State President of Kisan Sabha Dr. Kuldeep Tanwar was also present in the meeting.
Dr. Reena Singh said that recently a notification has been issued by the state government to start science subjects in Shimla Rural Degree College Dhami. Which provision has been made in the notification to create five posts for the Science subject? Told that Degree College Chail Koti was started in the year 2014 and Dhami Degree College was announced after that. The degree college has got its own grand building in Dhami and the government has issued a notification to start science classes in this degree college.
Dr. Kuldeep Tanwar said that Degree College Koti Chail is running the building of a primary school for the last 9 years. Despite the passage of nine years, the new building of this college has not been constructed, nor have science classes been started in this college to date. Told that out of a total of 24 government senior secondary schools in the Kasupanti constituency, science is taught in only 4 schools. They say that Sirmaur’s Renuka and Shillai assembly constituencies are very backward, like Kasupanti, yet civil service, NEET, scientists, and engineers are being made every year from Renuka and Shillai, especially from the 12 panchayats of Junga tehsil, for the past several years no one too young any area. I have not been able to progress further. Which is a matter of concern. Told that only Arts subject is taught in most of the schools in Kasumpti Vis. The situation is that there is a shortage of staff to teach arts in these schools. Dr. Tanwar told that for the last five terms, the representation of the Congress party is going on in Kasupanti and now it has also got a cabinet minister. The minister should take the problems of the people seriously and strengthen education and health services, especially in Kasupanti so that the youth of this area can also participate in competitive examinations. On this occasion, Seema Chauhan, secretary of the Morcha also presented her views.

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