Curb huge increase in the prices of uniforms and books in private schools : Students Parents Forum

Student Parent Forum, Himachal Pradesh has demanded the state government and education department to curb the huge increase in the prices of uniforms and books in private schools. The forum has directly termed it as arbitrary loot and commission. The platform has warned the movement against this commission. Forum’s convenor Vijendra Mehra and co-convenor Vivek Kashyap have expressed strong anger over the increase in the prices of dress and books by up to 25 percent in the year 2023 and termed it as a failure of the education department and the state government. He termed this increase as open violation of Article 21 of the Constitution, the Right to Education Act 2009 and the Rules 2003 made under the Himachal Pradesh Private Educational Institutions Act, 1997. This is an act of robbing the pockets of students and parents. This is arbitrary loot and profiteering. In big private schools, private school managements make a commission of Rs 18 to 30 lakhs in a year. This amount is given as commission to the private school managements by depriving the parents of the discount they get in books and uniforms worth thousands of rupees for each student. This gorakhdhandha goes on openly. This is in violation of NCERT, SCERT, CBSE and MHRD guidelines. Private school managements are looting directly from the parents, but the education department and the state government are silent. Both of them have tacit agreement on the loot of private schools, due to which this message is being sent to the public that both of them are also a part of this open looting and profiteering. To stop this loot of students and parents, he has demanded the government to form a law and a regulatory commission so that commissions can be banned.

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