Congress Minister defends the allegations of regionalism 

Facing four corners attack of indulging in politics of regionalism Congress Minister Anirudh Singh stated that he never gave a statement against the people of any region however he attended a meeting of the Durga Taxi union Shimla on their invitation.

Minister said that he asked the administration to take action against the people who are indulged in crime and their vehicles should be impounded whosoever are involved.

Responding to allegations leveled at him by Congress cabinet minister Vikramaditya Singh, Leader of Opposition Mr. Jai Ram Thakur, and Sirmour Taxi unions he said that he is not against any taxi unions and people involved in the tourism business but few people who belonged to Sirmour are supporting Taxi unions. 

He said that BJP’s Former Chief minister Jai Ram Thakur is idle and they are dividing people to gain in electoral politics but since next year Lok Sabha Election people would show them who is dividing the people on the basis of regions However Congress party believes in secularism.

He said that if he was invited by the Chudeshwer Taxi Union Sirmaur district he would be ready to meet them however few persons who are not Taxi operators trying to vitiate the political atmosphere. 

He said that few persons who have no works to do are plating politics by indulging in blaming him, however, he said that a police person who was not deputed at Lakkar Bazar and Lathicharge the Durga Taxi union of Shimla was placed under suspension.

He said that action has been taken against another police officer and administration and police have taken action against Taxi unions belonging to Sirmour and also impounded their vehicle

It is worthwhile to mention that after violence between two taxi unions belonged on Saturday Minister Anirudh Singh joined one Taxi union after which he was accused by members of Congress and BJP for siding and promoting regionalism with local taxi operators.

State Public Works Development Minister Vikramaditya Singh also condemned the alleged attempt to create a rift in the region’s Taxi union against Congress leader Mr. Anirudh Singh.

Mr. Anirudh Singh said that police should take action against Taxi unions belonging to Shimla or Sirmour as they were indulged in violence.

He said that he got a telephone call from Congress MLA Vinay Kumar and he opposed the allegations leveled at him. He said that he never gave any statement in public and private about Sirmour taxi operators and he was becoming a victim of politics.

He said that Industry Minister Harashvarshan Chauhan also talk with him on the issue and he ruled out the alleged allegations of regionalism.

On Thursday members of the Shilai Bar Association also passed a resolution condemning the Congress minister. Meanwhile, a large number of Taxi unions activists belonging to Durga Taxi Union Shimla lodged a protest at Deputy Commissioner Office Shimla seeking action against the members of Chudeshwer Taxi Union Sirmaur and a number of people who are involved in the assault against a few members of the Durga Taxi Union at Auckland tunnel.

They demanded that all offices, taxis, and people belonging to Sirmour who are operating in Shimla should be impounded and arrested as they are working without permits and valid licenses.

It is worthwhile to mention that no taxi operators and people belonging to the hospitality unit follow the dress code. 

Shimla witness around 40,000 to 50000 thousand vehicle daily in the peak tourist season, however, tourists cabs from various district and state operate in the state capital.

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