Congress leaders trying to make 18 to 20 votes from a house: Kashyap

BJP State President Suresh Kashyap and former Minister Sukhram Chowdhary submitted a memorandum to the Commissioner State Election Commission giving detailed information to the Commission about bogus votes being cast by the Congress party in Shimla Municipal Corporation elections.

Kashyap said that the vote-making process is going on in the election process of Shimla Municipal Corporation. By misusing the power, the present Congress government is trying to influence the municipal elections by creating a large number of bogus votes.

Sir, it has come to our notice that a large number of fake votes of Congress workers are being made in the houses of the Deputy Chief Minister and some ministers of the government. A similar incident has also come to the fore in Banmore ward where applications are being made by 18 to 20 people in the same room to make votes. Such incidents are coming to the fore in other wards.

Sir, for the establishment of a healthy and strong democracy, it is necessary that transparency and fairness should be maintained in the elections, but it is a matter of regret that the Congress party has come down to low level politics and forged Wants to capture the municipal corporation with the help of votes.

Sir, the roster issued by the state government for the municipal elections is also not fair. Proper parameters have been sidelined while making the roster and hence many questions are being raised on the functioning of the government.

Sir, the Bharatiya Janata Party through this memorandum urges you not to recognize the bogus votes created by the Congress Government so that the Shimla Municipal Corporation elections can be conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

Kashyap said that in Bhattakufar, they are not even taking the applications for the votes of our workers, but on the other hand Congress leaders are bringing votes filled in sacks.

The Election Commission should pay attention to this.

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