Cong slams hike of LPG 

State  Congress Chief  Kuldeep Singh Rathore criticized the hike in the prices of domestic LPG, saying that the government is imposing inflation on the people. He said that already the prices of essential commodities, pulses and vegetables are skyrocketing now.  A one-time increase of Rs 50 in gas prices is completely anti-people. Rathore, in a statement here today, said that the government should reduce the prices of gas. He said that people in the state are already suffering from rising inflation, so the increase in domestic gas prices will adversely affect the common people. Rathore has urged the government to reduce the prices of domestic LPG in public interest and said that the government should give relief to the people from rising inflation. Expressing concern over the drinking water crisis in Shimla city and its adjoining areas, Rathore said that the summer season has not started yet, yet its drinking water crisis is increasing.  If it happens at puberty, then what becomes of the drinking water situation can be easily guessed. He has said that the government needs to keep a close watch on the drinking water situation in Shimla.  Elaborate arrangements should be made so that there is no panic regarding drinking water.

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