Competition organized by the Department of Journalism of Chandigarh Vidya Jyoti Eduversity

News reading, radio jockey, caption writing, and photography competitions were organized by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Chandigarh Vidya Jyoti Eduversity College. In which the students participated enthusiastically and proved their talent. Program Coordinator Assistant Professor Neha Arora said that this program was organized under the guidance of College Director Dr. DJ Singh.

On this occasion, the college director asked the students to read newspapers and listen to the news regularly. Along with this, he also gave tips to improve the voice for radio broadcasting.

He said that to become a radio jockey, many qualities are required. More than studies in this field, if you have some special personality qualities, you can choose this field as a career. In today’s time, radio jockeys are no less than a celebrity to the youth, so if you have the power to bind people with the magic of your voice and you not only keep a close eye on the happenings around you but If can have authentic thoughts then this field is for you.

In the competitions, the students expressed their views on the current direction of journalism, contemporary media scenario, journalism as a career, radio medium, community broadcasting, etc. Khushi from BAJMC stood first, Venus from BHMCT stood second, and Shivajit from BSCGWD stood third in the photography competition. Shivajit from BSCGWD stood first, Tushar from BVHCM stood second and Khushi from BAJMC stood third in the news reading competition. Vikram I from BSCIT, Karan Sharma II, and Avijit Singh from BVHCM stood third in RJ Hunt. Karandeep Singh from HM stood first, Pankaj from BSc IT stood second and Avijeet Singh from BVHCM stood third in the caption writing competition.

College Registrar KK Sharma congratulated all the winners and wished them an auspicious future. The cooperation of Assistant Professor Manish Kapil and Neelu Sharma in the successful conduct of the program was commendable.

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