CITU State Committee Himachal demands an immediate resolution of the ongoing dispute between Taxi unions in Shimla

CITU State Committee Himachal Pradesh has demanded the State Government and District Shimla Administration to immediately resolve the ongoing dispute between Devbhoomi and Chudeshwar taxi unions in Shimla city. CITU has demanded that keeping in view the economic interests of the working people, the politics of regionalism should be banned.

CITU state president Vijender Mehra and general secretary Prem Gautam have said that the state government and Shimla district administration should resolve this issue immediately. He said that Article 21 of the Constitution gives all citizens the right to earn a livelihood, economic freedom, and live. Various laws made under the constitution of the country advocate the principle of fairness and prohibit unilateral action. He said that for establishing law and order in Shimla city, the scale of impartiality should be the basis and in this context, political patronage and regional politics should be stopped. Shimla city has developed historically and along with the local people of Shimla, there has been a leading contribution of the working people working in Shimla from different provinces of the country and state. The social and economic progress of Shimla city has been ensured by the contribution of various groups of people before and after the independence of the country. That’s why Shimla city is known for mutual harmony and brotherhood but by raising the slogan of regionalism some forces are trying to spoil the atmosphere of Shimla city which is not right. He appealed to both the taxi unions to resolve the issue amicably. He has termed the efforts made to resolve the issue as insufficient and ineffective. He has demanded the committee constituted under the chairmanship of SDM to solve this entire incident immediately because at present summer season is going on in Shimla through which taxi operators, coolies, guides, restaurants, tour and travel, homestay and hotel operators are able to run their business. They are able to keep employment and livelihood alive. The prolonged dispute will cause huge economic losses to all of them as most of the people associated with tourism are running their businesses by taking bank loans. This will also prove harmful to the revenue of the state. This will have a bad effect on the economy of Shimla City and the state.

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