CITU raised the demand to restore the benefits of MNREGA and construction workers with Sukhu

A joint delegation of labor organizations CITU and MNREGA and the Construction Workers Federation today took over from Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu to stop the benefits of MNREGA and construction workers illegally for the last seven months by the Himachal Pradesh State Labor Welfare Board and restore them immediately. Found in Shimla. CITU National Secretary Dr. Kashmir Singh Thakur, State President Vijender Mehra, General Secretary Prem Gautam Nirman Federation State President Joginder Kumar, and General Secretaries and Board members Bhupendra Singh and Suresh Rathore attended. In a press note issued by Bhupendra Singh, it was said that the secretary of the board has illegally withheld the assistance of MNREGA and construction workers registered from the board for the last seven months, which has stopped the benefits of registration and assistance to lakhs of workers. Even after repeatedly demanding the secretary of the board to release it and the decision being taken in the meeting of the newly formed board on 3rd April, these stalled works have not been started, due to which today CITU and Construction Federation have started it soon. Met the Chief Minister and had a detailed discussion with him and handed over the demand letter, about which he has assured me to start this stalled work. Bhupendra Singh said that after 2017, MNREGA and construction workers have been registered under the provisions of the law in the State Labor Welfare Board, but the officials of the board are responsible for stopping their benefits illegally. The union has also demanded the Chief Minister take action against these officials who have stopped all the work without the permission of the board and the government. The union has demanded that the registration and renewal of laborers should be started soon and for the last two years Demand has been raised to release the pending assistance amount soon. Because due to this restriction, all kinds of assistance like scholarships, marriage, treatment of illness, maternity assistance and pension, etc. to the children of the laborers have been stopped. Board officials Another wrong decision has been taken during this period, in which the laborers working in private residential houses had to pay cess/cess, which is against the law. The Board has also been abolished. Only officers have been kept in the Expert Committee, while it should also have members of labor unions. Demand has also been raised to investigate the misappropriation of the board’s money in the name of publicity in the past. He also said that if the stalled work of the board is not restored in 15 days, the union will be forced to protest in Shimla in the month of May. Therefore, the union demanded the Chief Minister intervene on this issue immediately.

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