CITU organized a silent protest outside IGMC Shimla in support of COVID contract workers

On the issue of keeping around two hundred sweepers, ward attendants, security personnel, staff nurses, data entry operators, mess cook helpers, lab technicians, and other Covid personnel and 24 security personnel of IGMC out of the job, IGMC Contract Workers Union related CITU has filed a complaint. Strong silent demonstration outside IGMC Shimla. Along with hundreds of workers, Renu Thakur, who was fired from her job along with her two-month-old newborn baby, and her husband Surendra Thakur, who had undergone three operations in the last month, also participated in the protest. During this period, IGMC employees stopped working. The union has warned that if the fired security personnel and COVID workers do not get justice, the movement will intensify.

CITU State President Vijendra Mehra and District Treasurer Balak Ram said that throwing out two hundred Covid warriors from IGMC is an incident of shame to humanity. He said that firing 24 security personnel is a strangulation of the law of the country. He said that there is a huge scam in the contracts given to security guards. To take action on this, a letter will be written to the President of the country, Prime Minister, Governor, and Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh demanding an investigation. Legal action will be taken against the officials involved in this scam. On the basis of 70 marks in Technical Bid Evaluation, the Secure Guard Company was not even eligible to apply for the contract as it has zero marks out of 70. It was mandatory for the contract to file an income tax return every year from the year 2019, but the company was formed in September 2020, how did it pay the income tax for the year 2019? According to the terms of the contract, it was mandatory for the company to have work experience of more than 100 and a total of 300 security personnel in one place in the five years from 2017 to 2022, but the work experience of the company is not even three years. In this way, let alone getting the contract, the company was not even eligible to participate in the bidding process. This scam will be exposed in public and the door of Honorable High Court will be approached against it. He has called for ousting the employees from their jobs in IGMC and intensifying the movement against the contract scam. Under the movement, there will be jail filling, arrests, chakka jam, Raj Bhavan march, Secretariat march and Oak Over march.

Himachal Pradesh Outsourced Employees Union State President Virendra Lal, Security Personnel Union President Devraj Bablu, Sanitation Workers Union President Nisha, and General Secretary Sarina said that the black laws of the British era are still continuing in IGMC. The hire and fire policy continues here and by flouting the law, 200 Covid workers and 24 security personnel have been thrown out of their jobs. He said that the decision to fire the workers was illegal. It should be withdrawn immediately. He said that security personnel and COVID workers are being mentally tortured in IGMC. They are being fired from the job after changing the contractor, which is a clear violation of the agreement made by the IGMC management with the union and Section 25H of the Industrial Disputes Act. IGMC management, along with the new contractor, is openly disregarding labor laws.

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