Children killing by leopard in Shimla: SMC & Dept must owe the responsibility

Shimla Nagarik Sabha has asked  Municipal Corporation Shimla and the Forest Department to take the responsiblity of frequent incidents of leopard taking the life of children in the this capital town.
Convenor of SNS Mr Vajinder Mehra said that in wake of killing five years old child from Downdale area of ​​Shimla on Nov 4, Diwali night it is clear that wild animals are intrudering in capital town without being scared by crackers and its sounds.
SNS demanded that State Government should give strict instructions to the Municipal Corporation Shimla and the Forest Department to intervene to further stop such attack by the leopard so that it does not recur again.
Citizens of Shimla should be protected against the attacks of wild animals and financial assistance of at least ten lakh rupees should be given to the families of two children who were victims of leopard attacks in the last few months.

Mr. Mehra and Secretary of SNS Kapil Sharma have expressed surprise over such accidents in the heart of Shimla city and termed it as a complete failure of Municipal Corporation Shimla and Forest Department.
They said that Down Dale is in the heart of the city, when such an incident can happen here, then the security of the life and property of the citizens in the areas around Shimla city couldn’t imagined.  
It is clear from this that no citizen is safe in Shimla Municipal Corporation and its surrounding areas.  
The most surprising thing is that leopards are roaming freely in the residential areas of the city like Down Dale, Nabha, Fagli and Kanlog and the forest department is not doing anything except issuing senseless statements and shaving. 
If Forest Department had taken seriously efforts of the incident of lifting the girl child by a leopard in the month of August in Kanalog, this incident of Downdale would not have happened.  
The Municipal Corporation is also not serious about the safety of the citizens, they alleged that residential areas of the city, the street lights have either been faulty for several months or they are not at all.  Innocent people are suffering because of their negligence.

         He has said that the role of Municipal Corporation Shimla and Forest Department are highly insensitive on the above developments.  
Leopard has claimed the lives of two children in Shimla city in the last three months but the forest department is hesitant to declare the leopard as a man-eater.
 In the above development, the dog squad team also came into the role on the third day in Shimla city which is also the capital of the state. 
 This shows that even in a place like Shimla city, there are no minimum arrangements for security and investigation.
  There is a similarity in the incidents of the two children who were victims of leopard attacks in Kanalog and Downdale that these incidents took place in poor settlements where there is lack of street lights and other facilities, due to which the leopard got the opportunity to carry out these attacks therefore, even the municipal corporation cannot run away from such accidents, Mr Mehra added.

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