Central Govt not providing financial assistance to Congress-ruled states: Yashpal Tanaik

State Congress general secretary Yashpal Tanaik has accused the Modi government at the Center of discriminating against Congress-ruled states. Criticizing the central government for not providing financial assistance to the Congress-ruled states, he said that this type of discrimination with the central Congress-ruled states is hurting the tradition of a healthy democracy.
Yashpal Tanaik has said that the center not giving financial assistance to Himachal Pradesh and on the contrary imposing restrictions on them is an attack on the interests of the state which can never be tolerated.
Describing the decision to reduce the loan limit on the Himachal Pradesh government as very unfortunate, Tanaik in a press release said that Congress will not tolerate any kind of playing with the interests of the state.
He has said that the former BJP government is responsible for the poor economic condition of the state. He said that the Sukhu government is trying its best to improve its economy in the state. It is natural for the Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu government to take time to deal with the economic crisis.
Tanaik said that Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukkhu has continuously established new dimensions of development within the last six months and is dedicated to fulfilling the guarantees and promises made by the Congress party at the time of the elections. He said that the government East
Releasing a white paper on the financial extravagance of the BJP government is a commendable step. Congress strongly supports it.

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