BJP’s conspiracy to create political crisis failed: Negi

Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi has said that BJP’s conspiracy to create political crisis in Himachal Pradesh has completely failed and now BJP leaders are in panic. He said that BJP made transactions worth billions of rupees and bought and sold MLAs to topple an elected government, but the intention of BJP could not be fulfilled.

Jagat Singh Negi said that Congress had 40 MLAs and three independent MLAs were also with the state government, then what magic did the BJP have that apart from the three independent MLAs, six Congress MLAs joined the BJP. He said that the state government has strong evidence of horse trading. It was because of the greed for power of Jairam Thakur and BJP that they tried to create political instability in the state. The central government also supported the BJP in its conspiracy to topple the government and misused the central agencies. The central government provided security to six tainted Congress MLAs, provided them with chartered plane and helicopter rides and accommodated them in expensive five-star hotels. But despite this, BJP’s Operation Lotus failed and BJP’s intentions did not succeed.

The Revenue Minister said that the people of Himachal Pradesh are the strength of the Congress government. BJP will have money power but Congress has manpower and with the help of this the present state government under the leadership of Chief Minister Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu will complete its five-year tenure. Not only this, in the year 2027, living up to the trust of the people, the Congress Party will form the government again. He said that Jairam Thakur is writhing like a fish without power and is not able to digest the mandate received in the year 2022. Therefore, the work which could not be done by public votes, BJP has tried to do with money power, which has failed. He said that the Leader of Opposition should fasten his seat belt tightly because he will have to sit on the same chair for a long time. Jagat Singh Negi said that the people of the state do not believe in salable politics but in sustainable politics. Therefore, the people of the state are ready to teach a lesson to the leaders who buy and sell. On June 1, the voters of the state will give a befitting reply to the BJP and after this Jairam Thakur’s dream will remain unfulfilled.

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