BJP will go among the public issue of de-addiction, cleanliness and clean water: Ganesh Dutt

President of BJP Municipal Elections Vision Letter Committee Ganesh Dutt said that the meeting of the BJP Vision Letter Committee was organized at Deep Kamal Chakkar Shimla, in this meeting senior BJP leader Roopa Sharma, District President Vijay Parmar, and other members also participated. be present.

He said that BJP’s Vision Document will be a strong vision document. In this, various plans for Shimla city will be discussed, and BJP will bring the vision document to the public after collecting public opinion.

BJP will collect the demands of the senior citizens and the entire public in the vision letter, in this we will try to include all the issues related to Shimla city.

BJP is working to make Shimla an ideal city of the world and we are getting a large number of suggestions from the public regarding this.

Mainly the issues of security, drug addiction, clean water, and cleanliness of Shimla city are going to be in our vision letter.

He said that the BJP will put a draft of the vision letter before the party leaders by April 20, after which we will put the BJP’s vision letter before the public.

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