BJP to will protest in 12 districts tomorrow: Bindal

BJP State President and former Assembly Speaker Dr. Rajeev Bindal while addressing a meeting in Dalhousie said that the accident that happened in Chamba has hurt our heart, we all should come together only to get justice for Manohar have been

Dr. Rajeev Bindal said that we pleaded a lot with the administration and met them about 4 times, waited for 1 hour and recited Shri Ram Jai Jai Ram, but the administration did not allow us to go to the victim’s family. We told the administration that if Chief Minister Sukhu had gone to this family, we would have felt that some big person of the state had gone. But the administration did not let us go, so the BJP has decided that tomorrow, on June 17, we will organize a sit-in demonstration at all the 12 district headquarters of the state and will also send a memorandum to the governor through the deputy commissioner regarding this heinous massacre. .

He said that in Himachal we cannot even imagine that a single young man who has parents, sisters are married, he was brutally murdered and his body was thrown into the drain after cutting it into pieces.

Such a crime cannot be described in words. He said that our state is a land of gods, every village and every village has the abode of goddesses and goddesses. It is a brave land, here the brave sons protect the country and consider it their pride to sacrifice for the country, but this type of massacre in our state has shaken our soul, the whole country and the state are shocked.

The manner in which the criminal has committed this crime we cannot even imagine, this incident is not ordinary and the person who has committed the crime also cannot be ordinary. If seen, this is the work of a habitual criminal, our state is a peace-loving state, but what is cooking behind this incident, the public wants to know? Somewhere deep secrets can be exposed, we can also get an idea of ​​what is cooking across the cross border from these revelations.

The government has not taken any concrete steps since the murder took place, it is because of the pressure of the protests by the local people that the government has detained the culprit.

Many local people are trying to save this criminal. But the general public is asking a question, is there no gangster-like Atiq Ahmed working here? Is there a need for a very big and deep investigation of this whole matter?

He said that the government is listening with open ears, what things are being prepared here for years and what illegal encroachments are there in this area, there is a need to investigate deeply, so that no such misdeeds happen on the land of Himachal. Could

BJP’s aim is not to spread any kind of anarchy, it is only the task of meeting the victim’s family to boost their morale. We stand with the administration, but the way Himachal Pradesh has constituted the SIT, we do not accept it. Perhaps the government is not understanding the seriousness of this matter. Some people of the government are trying to give shelter to this criminal, we demand a fair investigation from the government and the way our Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur has demanded an NIA investigation, we support it.

Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur, MLA Hansraj, former minister Rakesh Pathania DS Thakur, Vikram Jarial, Pawan Nayyar Rajesh Thakur Jia Lal Rita Dhiman Rajesh Thakur Arjun Thakur Amit Thakur Nagpal were present on the occasion.

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