BJP President JP Nadda Visits Himachal Pradesh to boost party’s poll preparations

BJP’s National President Jagat Prakash Nadda was on three days visit to Himachal Pradesh as he addressed party meetings at Jasur of Kangra, Jhanduta in Bilaspur, and Dhalpur in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. 

During his visit to Kangra on June 11 he was expected to dent the Congress party by including Sudhir Sharma in the party but Mr. Sharma didn’t respond to any allurement moreover Major Vijay Singh Mankotia who joined BJP in the last assembly elections did not turn out in BJP public meeting.

Mr. Nadda joined dias at the Jasur rally with Union Minister Anurag Thakur, Party President Rajiv Bindal, and Former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur. Mr. Nada said in the rally that BJP is going to make contact with eight lakh households in the state before the 2024 Lok Sabha Election on the nine years of Governance of the Narendra Modi government in the center.

Mr. Nadda made a scathing attack on the Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu Congress government for burdening the state coffer with Rs 1000 Crore overdraft in the last five months of its rule. He attacked the Congress party to indulge in dynastic politics. This statement of Mr. Nadda indicates that Party could deny tickets to party candidates like Kishan Kapur from Kangra, Suresh Kashyap from Shimla, and Anurag Thakur from Hamirpur. It is worthwhile to mention that party may put Vipin Kumar or Congress rebel Harsh Mahajan in the fray. According to media reports Mr Mahajan consider close to Congress Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu therefore BJP may put Vipin Kumar Parmar in the fray against Kangra Paralimentary.

He also addressed a similar public meeting at Jhanduta in Bilaspur district and his home district and also enjoyed a tiffin meeting with party chief Rajiv Bindal and state co-in charge Sanjay Tandon.

During his night halts at Hamirpur, he also meets Former Chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal. According to local media reports meeting was to thaw the difference raised due to the sideling of Mr. Dhumal by the Modi government at the center and the former BJP government as the party lost the last Election for not taking the advice of the former chief minister. Mr. Nadda who met with Dhumal at Hamirpur circuit house may discuss the party’s decision to put him in the fray from Lok Sabha Hamirpur and replace Anurag Thakur to put him in the fray in place of Kiran Kher from Chandigarh. However, the party did not make this strategy public and this was confined to Political circles. Mr Nadda has also successfully launched a Dalit face in the party Prof Sikandar Kumar from Hamirpur by making him a Rajya Sabha member. 

In Jhanduta public meetings were confined to tiffin diplomacy but Mr. Nadda joined party workers for showing him to be one of the contenders for the party Paralimentary Election and a new party rural office was opened during his visit to the state. The party is trying to galvanize its eroded base again by consolidating the party at the booth level by launching apps for the membership where new workers were inducted at the booth level who could attend meetings online.

During the Dhalpur party meeting at Kullu on June 12 Mr Nadda address a huge rally on the Dhalpur ground un which former HVC leader Maheshwar Singh also attended the rally. Former Party candidate Bargadier Kushal Thakur didn’t attend the Nadda rally which shows that the party may indicate to put Maheshwar Singh in the fray from Mandi Paralimentary or Former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur. 

There deep impression both in Congress and BJP that party President Pratibha Singh and Former CM Jai Ram Thakur had understanding in the Mandi Paralimentary bye-election and 2022 assembly elections as Congress won Mandi Paralimentary and BJP assembly by winning nine seats in Mandi district. Congress scored a victory in fourteen assemblies out of a total of 17 in the bye Election but it lost 14 seats and could win three seats in the assembly elections.

During night halts of Kullu, Mr. Nadda returned to Delhi on June 13. During the visit fault line emerged in the Vidhan Sabha election in Kangra, Hamirpur and Shimla Paralimentary and BJP president tried to strike some balance by meeting Prem Kumar Dhumal who still have some grip on the organization and people but s Political experts said that if BJP has trying to unit the scattered party in the state it is too late and little. 

Party leaders like Jowhar Thakur and Former Chief minister Shanta Kumar are openly targeting state leadership for party debacle and misleading party high. Command. Since the BJP debacle party state in charge, Avinash Khana had met Prem Kumar Dhumal but BJP lost Shimla MC Election recently showing that development in the party is still immature level.

In Shimla Paralimentary Nadda’s visit remained untouched but the role of State President Rajiv Bindal may be taken on the board as BJP also lost Shimla MC Election recently. The party is also in the danger zone in Shimla Paralimentary despite the Congress government could not make a major impact on the voters. 

According to a Political expert, BJP may put some woman face for Shimla Parliamentary as the party couldn’t afford to wrestle it to Congress.

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