BJP legislative party moves before the Governor seeking division of votes

Opposition BJP sought a division of vote in the state assembly on the financial bills on Wednesday as the party legislative party leader submitted a memorandum containing the signatures of  16 BJP MLAs.

The party legislature leader Mr Jai Ram Thakur submitted a memorandum to Governor Shiv Partap Shukala this morning urging the speaker that the BJP Member of the Legislative Assembly has drawn the attention of great urgency for the state of Himachal Pradesh and its people.
BLP said that during the debates and Cut-motion on the demand of Health (No-9) at Himachal Pradesh Constituents Assembly debates which is held today i.e. 27.02.2024 the conduct of the speaker as well as of the
The government was neither impartial nor as per the constitutional values of the house whereby the speaker refused to allow the division of vote. 
After the reply of the Health Minister, the Speaker allowed the voice of vote and without counting the hand raised or voting declared the demand No. 9 passed and adjourned the house within seconds without heeding the voice of MLAs.

After the voice vote the Cut-motion was introduced by the opposition MLAs (BJP) for which voting to take place on the floor of the House by rule 315 of ‘The Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly 1973 but that was also not allowed by the Speaker which is against the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Rules, 1973.

Not only this, after the Re-assembling of the House after lunch hours the Honorable Speaker on instruction of the Government abruptly adjourned the House for tomorrow i.e. 29/02/2023 till 11 A.M.

When the Opposition Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) B.J.P. along with the Leader of the Opposition tried to meet the Honorable Speaker in His chamber, the Honorable Speaker ordered the door of his chamber and instructed his marshal and police personnel to manhandle the Opposition MLAs. On the instruction of the Speaker as well as of the Government these Marshals and Police officials brutally manhandled the opposition MLAs who sustained grievous injuries. It is further to bring to your kind notice that these kinds of acts from the Honorable Speaker as well as the Government are highly condemnable and cannot be spared at any cost.

It is the faith of the people under the Constitution which has to be upheld by the Honorable Speaker as well as by the Government when the Assembly is in Session. But these actions and acts on the part of the Speaker are a death knell to democracy as well as the high values to conduct the house The Honorable Speaker performs a very important function not only when the assembly is in session but also when the Assembly is not in the session which required him to be impartial and a person of impeccable integrity. Democracy is the lifeblood of our Constitution. These acts of the speaker as well as the Government are a blow to democracy and highly Unconstitutional and these are required to be deprecated from all walks of life.

The Honorable Speaker by these acts has lost his faith to hold this constitutional post and appropriate action is required to be taken against him. The Speaker for being “unfair” to the Opposition and BJP would not remain silent to the unethical conduct of the It is submitted that the Speaker has lost much of his value and credibility.

It is pertinent to mention here that on 28.02.2024 the house would again assemble for Budget discussion, cut-motion, and passing of the Financial Bill. We need voting and division of vote on every cut motion and financial bill also. 
The MLAs from the BJP are apprehensive that the speaker will be biased again in conducting the Assembly Proceeding in an Undemocratic way which will be against the Constitutional provisions of India as well as the Democratic setup.

We, therefore, request His Excellency Governor of Himachal Pradesh to intervene in these matters and direct the Speaker for voting and division of vote so that the values of the Office of Speaker are maintained in a Democratic manner.

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